Over the last few months AFS Accountants has followed Government guidance and closed the office. With the easing of restrictions we are beginning the journey back to some kind of normality and will be opening the office on a gradual basis commencing on 6 July from 9am to 1pm Monday to Thursday, albeit with reduced levels of staff in the office at any one time to comply with social distancing.

We will continue to operate social distancing measures so clients coming in to the office should go to the top of the stairs and knock on the door then we will come to you. Please do not enter the office unless invited as the office area and facilities are for AFS staff only.

Due to the lack of space we will not be able to hold face to face meetings. If you wish to have a meeting, it should be booked in the usual way by calling or emailing the office and will be held over the telephone.

Records can continue to be posted through the letterbox during times when the office is not open.

We would encourage clients to bring in records for tax returns and accounts as early as possible as we expect the latter part of the year to be very busy. While the records from many clients are received in good time, some clients provide their records at the last minute which results in us having to rush accounts and tax returns through. Completing accounts and tax returns ‘early’ does not of course mean that tax is payable sooner (corporation tax is always payable by 9 months and one day after the company year end and any tax arising from personal tax returns has to be paid by the 31 January following the 5 April). The benefits of completing accounts and tax returns as soon as possible include allowing us time to liaise with clients on any queries and also provide time for clients to properly review the accounts and make any preparations for the payment of tax